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UniTip Image

Get fancy with your tool tips with our very own, easily-customizable script. With our UniTip, you can apply a more engaging tool tip to specific classes, or to specific tags. It is light-weight, and easy to deploy, so give it a try!

Updated 08.31.08 — Find out what’s new in the UniTip Docs.

updated 08.31.08002 |

Unit PNG Fix

Unit PNG Fix Image

Pesky IE6 throws a fit when it comes to pngs, but our Unit PNG Fix will have none of it! Our version whips IE6 in to line, weighing in at almost half the size of other png fixes out there, and fixes some other png fix problems.

Updated 08.31.08 — Find out what’s new in the Unit PNG Fix Docs.

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UniTweets Image

Don't settle for just displaying your latest tweets on your WordPres blog. Integrate Twitter by saving your tweets as posts and displaying them however you want to!

Released 09.29.09 — Find out what’s new in the UniTweets changelog.